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Questions I Probably Shouldn't Share, #001

How much of this amazing green color I'm coughing up is because I'm drinking GatorAde of exactly the same hue?

I tried an experiment last night.

Normally, when I have a cold, I take a minimalist approach to medication, preferring to let my body dispose of the invaders in its own tried-and-true way. Most cold meds just mask the symptoms -- and the symptoms are, by and large, your body trying to Get Rid Of Nasty Crap.

If I have to work or be somewhere, I take generic DayQuil, strictly to be functional. If I'm around people, I want to mask the symptoms, since, of course, coughing and sneezing are also how Happy Mister Virus makes his merry rounds. If I'm sick on a day off, though, I just let things roll. I take Aspirin or Acetaminophen (or alternating between the two) to minimize the worst discomfort. If the coughing is so bad that it makes sleeping difficult, I'll take a tablespoon of honey, which has been showen to be more effective than most OTC cough syrups.

I have discovered the utility and effectiveness of generic Mucinex in Getting Stuff Moving; judicious use of that stuff seems to have reduced the "I'm not sick but I'm still coughing" time by several days.

Last night, I took generic NyQuil liquicaps.

I slept soundly and solidly, but the morning ... mildly crappy. I haven't quite decided if I actually feel worse than I would have otherwise; the sinus headache, mild dehydration, and gummy phlegm seem pretty much equivalent to what I get with Nothing But Aspirin Before Bed. Usually, I need a quart or two of GatorAde and a cup or two of Hot Liquid (caffeinated or otherwise). I'm lagged, mentally, but again, that's pretty typical.

I will note that the liquicaps produce a Morning After that's far, far less harsh than the alcohol-and-corn-syrup concoction of traditional liquid NyQuil.

Hey, I put it behind a cut! I even put "tmi" in the tags!

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