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RPGs: A Call to Arms!

After months of delay, I'm finally about to fire up my DC Adventures/Mutants & Masterminds 3 campaign, a.k.a. DC Legacies: Gateway Bay.

Unfortunately, due to the departure of tealfox's departure for greener (or at least more humid) pastures, and gatewalker's transportation issues, our group is down to three players: kohai_tiger, kymri, and rikoshi.

By the traditional criteria of both RPG parties and superhero teams, the number three is a little shy of Fantastic.

So ... it's time to beat the bushes lookin' for qualified nerds.

To summarize the setting:

In 1938, Superman started his public career as a costumed adventurer.

Within two years, costumed adventurers weilding amazing powers, super-science, ancient magics and just plain mettle were crawling out of the woodwork.

Unlike most comic book settings, these adventurers ... the "Mystery Men", the "Super-Heroes" ... age and grow. They have families. They train new generations to Fight the Good Fight. They pass on their mantles and retire.

And they make a difference.

Lost civilizations stay found. Amazing scientific discoveries are written up in journals; fantastic inventions are patented. First contact is made, and interplanetary policy becomes as important to politics as foreign policy.

Cities are destroyed, and some of them remain in ruins.

It is now 2011, and the world has seen seven decades of change.

The game has three core themes: Legacy, Consequences, and Building a New World. This will be far, far more than just "crimefighting". This will be about making a difference.

I can't emphasize this enough: this is not the DCU you know. This is not Earth-1, Earth-2, Post-Crisis Earth, New Earth, the DCAU, or (most esepcially not) the New 52. This is an Alternate DC Universe. Very, very alternate. Don't think in terms of the characters you see in comics today; think about when they were introduced, and how their lives would have gone if they'd aged naturally and lived full lives. Think of their children, their grandchildren, the heroes they mentored. Think of the logical consequences of their inventions and discoveries.

And then, if you live in the South Bay (or reasonable driving distance), and want to join in, let me know.

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