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Yeah, everyone's doing it, but Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.

You know, it's not about piracy or copyright. Those are lies. What Big Media is really afraid of, and what's really "threatening" their profits (which are, BTW, at a record high), is that the Internet makes it easy for creators to reach their audiences directly. I figured that out back in the Napster days, when Big Media emasculated, and nothing has changed since then.

I call this "The Temple of Syrinx Hypothesis": "We've taken care of everything, the words you read, the songs you sing, the pictures that you plug into your eyes ..."

And the biggest threat to them is that some random schlub will find a guitar.

That video I linked to a few weeks back, explaining how the big media companies themselves were the ones most responsible for distributing the tools of file-sharing and torrenting and making sure people knew how to use them to get Dubious Bits?

This is why.

I'm going to say it again:

They aren't afraid of "pirates".
They're afraid of creators.

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