Your Obedient Serpent (athelind) wrote,
Your Obedient Serpent

This Morning's Whimsy: Office Cube

A reference to my cubicle as my "cube" brought to mind the 1997 classic of that name, and that, in turn, brought forth an image of that shifting, shuffling maze being made of office cubicles, each one identical save for differences in clutter, and, rather than increasingly-lethal death traps, each one is inhabited by increasingly-annoying co-workers (including regular appearances by the manager who keeps telling you to stop wandering around and get back to your desk).

And then the ultimate crossover sprang unbidden from my brow like Athena from the Brow of Zeus.

This is a concept that need never be made; just the conceptual existence of OFFICE CUBE is enough. Anyone who's seen both movies -- and worked in an office -- will immediately Understand, and Be Enlightened.

Though the idea of this as a computer game -- text-based or visual RPG -- also has an appeal. I might even PLAY that one.

If I didn't play it five days a week already.

Tags: work

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