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  • Tue, 16:15: "Thick as a Brick" is playing in my head -- as sung by Goofy. #hyuck #GoofTroop
  • Tue, 16:23: I want Hank McCoy to visit Asgard just so he can say, "My stars! It's full of gods!" #hoardpotato #XMen #Thor #JackKirby
  • Wed, 09:16: The problem with "No Bad Players, Only Bad Rules" is that it doesn't encourage GOOD players. #RPG #Grognard
  • Wed, 09:18: RT @AKOTAS: Seriously? "Wonder Woman's backstory is too involved for the moviegoing public" who loved The DaVinci Code?
  • Wed, 09:18: RT @NickMotown: When people say "hurting you is the last thing I want to do", they're admitting it was on their list & they were saving it …
  • Wed, 09:20: RT @LOLGOP: All of the GOP statewide officials from the first state to sue to stop Obamacare have been replaced with Democrats. So don't st…
  • Wed, 09:29: Clients can sense impending vacation time like sharks can sense a drop of blood in the water.
  • Wed, 09:32: I got into #RPG from wargaming. It would be nice if that tactical element were still valued in tabletop RPGs. #Grognard
  • Wed, 09:57: I don't need mechanics to "encourage role-playing". I want mechanics to RESOLVE TANGIBLE INTERACTIONS with the game world. #RPG #Grognard
  • Wed, 10:01: I think it's fun when your wild schemes can succeed or fail on their own tactical merit, rather than Rule of Drama. #RPG #Grognard
  • Wed, 10:02: I don't know or care what #TracingPH is, but I wish my phone would stop trying to drag me into it whenever I add a hashtag.
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