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  • Thu, 08:25: RT @Bipartisanism: Criticize the leader of Israel & it means you hate Israel say the Americans who hate Americas leader. @JohnFugelsang ht…
  • Thu, 08:30: RT @TheBiggestJim: #MLPSeason5 OFFICIALLY starts April 4. There you go. Now stop asking.
  • Thu, 09:49: RT @TeaPartyCat: Just as a snowball in March proves there is no global warming, Sen. Inhofe also believes that since he is alive now, he wi…
  • Thu, 09:55: RT @ami_angelwings: Pro-diversity-in-games crowd is actually the consumer revolt, they're the ones w/ studies saying industry is wrong abou…
  • Thu, 09:58: RT @superdames: If you're complaining about "diversity for diversity's sake" in your comic, the answer should be better writing, not less d…
  • Thu, 10:28: RT @superdames: I don't believe "diversity for diversity's sake" is a real problem. Tokenism, stereotypes, poorly developed characters — th…
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