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Nick at Night

I find it disturbing to discover that the current Nick at Nite line-up now consists of shows that were in their original runs when I used to watch Nick at Nite regularly.

The cool thing about Nick at Nite circa 1990 or so was that it was showing stuff thirty years old or more -- and better yet, stuff that hadn't been re-run to death on independent stations all through the '70s and '80s. I got to see stuff that I had never seen before: Dobie Gillis, Car 54, all kinds of stuff.

Nowadays, Nick at Nite has shows like Roseanne and Wings -- hellfire, Roseanne was first-run just six years ago! It's showing stuff that should be relegated to the 7 PM slot on the local independant stations. And TV Land is at least as bad: it's now showing all the same shows that, as I said before, got re-run into the ground decades ago.

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