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Okay, this is pissing me off.

A few years ago, I had a problem with Internet Explorer -- every so often, when I tried to right-click on an image, instead of popping up with the appropriate filename and image extension, it would try to save it as "UNTITLED.BMP". I don't remember if I actually did anything to fix it, like upgrade the software. I'm not even sure which computer this was on -- but eventually, the problem Just Went Away.

Until yesterday.

Now, bear in mind that since June, I've replaced the motherboard, the RAM, the secondary hard drive, and, most recently, the operating system. The only parts of this system that are still original equipment are the case and the main hard drive (which has been wiped and reformatted within the last few weeks). IE has been through a couple of jillion new versions since the problem last cropped up -- and I'm not even sure it cropped up on "this" system or the one before it. Or even the one before that.

But in any event, it's Doing It Again. At first, if I was just looking at a pic on the web without any HTML wrapped around it, I could hit "Refresh" and it would save properly, but now it's resisting even that. And again -- it's not every pic. If there's a pattern at all, it seems to be size -- it's willing to save little decorative icon-graphic things properly, but not the big image that I want.

Reboots have done nothing.

Anyone familiar with this particular pain in the ass?

And don't tell me to use a different broswer, dammit.

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