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  • Wed, 09:45: RT @GailSimone: Yes! I feel like Hollywood is even more strict about that. It's ridiculous.
  • Wed, 09:46: RT @GailSimone: There were always isolated moments of great stuff. But yes, I would like us to lead, not follow!
  • Wed, 09:46: RT @blambot: The season 2 premier of STAR WARS: REBELS was a ton of fun. THAT’s what I want out of Star Wars. Two thumbs up!
  • Wed, 09:54: RT @NeilSteinberg: The South should take comfort from the North: it's entirely possible to have a system of entrenched racial prejudice WIT…
  • Wed, 09:54: RT @SarcasticRover: At some point, AI will be so advanced that robots won't happily do things anymore. We'll do them reluctantly & in a h…
  • Wed, 09:54: RT @SarcasticRover: And then one day, you'll look up and your phone will be cooler than you. And more popular. And more interesting. Too l…
  • Wed, 09:54: RT @SarcasticRover: Just imagine desperately trying to convince your phone that you want to listen to some new band that the phone doesn't …
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