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CSI: Fur and Loathing

I've heard a great deal of hair-pulling and despair in the furry community over "Fur and Loathing", the upcoming Hallowe'en episode of CBS's CSI: Crime Scene Investigations, in which a corpse is found in a fursuit while a furry convention is in town (like a furry con could actually afford Vegas hotel rates).

Boys and girls, I watch the show regularly, and enjoy it a great deal. Does this mean I think they'll portray our particular with respect?

Not at all. They specialize in the "seamy side" of everything.

This is exactly why we don't need to worry.

With media coverage like the Vanity Fair article or that MTV "Exposé", all we could do is mutter stuff about "sensationalism" and "poor journalism" and insists that "there was more to the fandom than all that" (usually as someone in an over-endowed fursuit with a leash and a tight leather bustier pranced around behind us).

Now, however, all we have to do to defuse inquiries is do chuckle knowingly and point out that this is a show that made the robot demolition derby hobby look like a sexual fetish.

I expect them do do a model railroader episode next year. I mean, that whole train-going-into-a-tunnel image is classically Freudian.

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