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Foster's Freeze?

Okay, there's something I've long heard in the Rumor Mill, but I haven't really been able to find even peripheral documentation.

Alan Dean Foster is possibly one of the most "furry" mainstream SF writer out there -- or perhaps he's the most mainstream Furry writer out there. Like many writers of his era, his SF books have anthropomorphic animals presented as "aliens", though even more prevalent than in the works of Larry Niven or C.J. Cherryh. His Spellsinger series of fantasy novels are even closer to the "Furry" genre, presenting a fantasy world populated not merely with cat-like and lizard-like aliens, but actual anthropomorphic turtles, tigers, otters and so forth.

In 1995, Mr. Foster was Guest of Honor at Conference 6 in Irvine.

I have heard that he was so horrified by his exposure to the fandom as represented by ConFurence's notoriously over-the-top attendees that he vowed never to associate himself with that particular subset of the lunatic fringe again.

I first heard this as an offhand explanation of why we'd never see Foster as the GoH of Further Confusion, despite his work.

I'm just asking for endless flame wars in my LJ, aren't I? First, I ask for OS recommendations; then, I ask about something that, true or not, is almost certainly a majro controversy in fandom.

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