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"To whom, and for how long?"

Brownie points to those who can identify the source of the subject line....

As some of you may remember, last year, I was working to finish my capstone, and to facilitate this, gave up MUCKing for Lent. While it wasn't as effective as I'd hoped, I did manage to get my thesis done and graduated.

Well, now, here it is, Lent again. Since graduation, I've been tasked with revising my capstone thesis for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and finding real, productive employment, preferably in my field. I'd hoped to secure myself the elusive Real Job In My Field before I turned 40 -- which happens tomorrow.

Both projects have... stalled.

So... in the hopes of giving my brain a swift kick in the mixed metaphor, I'm doin' it again. I may pop in once a week or so, just to keep up on page #mails and say hello, but no more FurryMUCK until Easter -- or until I have a workable draft of the revised paper. My last attempt at quitting didn't last a week, but having a structured, established period for such things -- and the knowledge that other people all over the world are also abstaining from their particular vices -- makes it easier for me, even though I don't practice any faith that actually observes Lent.

When I was in Boot Camp at Cape May, my company ran as a group, and participated in a couple of competitive regimental runs. Running by myself, I get tired quickly, andhave a hard time keeping up. As part of a group, I could run longer and faster than I ever have, before or since.

E-mail, ICQ, and, of course, LiveJournal are all still available for contact, of course, and some of you even have my various telephone numbers.

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