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You Can't Take The Sky From Me....

Last night, quelonzia brought some work home with her for me to help with -- checking two files to see that the numbers matched up. I read off numbers from my copy, she confirmed them on hers.

It was nice. I don't know if she realizes how much I enjoy doing anything, if we're doing it together. Droning recitation of numbers. Laundry. Grocery shopping.

About halfway through, we took a break to eat dinner, and watched an episode of Firefly on DVD. When we were finished, we watched another. It pains me that this show got axed when Enterprise just goes on and on, spiralling, according to my sources, ever more deeply into suckitude and away from anything resembling Star Trek.

Even more than Whedon's better-known shows, Firefly feels like a well-played RPG with The Gaming Group You've Always Wanted. They even have The Dangerous Ill-Tempered Gun Nut That Everyone Else Just Kind Of Tolerates Because He's In The Party.

I'm almost tempted to slap down a Ulysses to pick up a copy of Traveller d20, which would fit the setting like a glove.

Of course, with the upcoming big-screen movie in the works, it would be even more cool to get the RPG license...

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