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A Meme Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

If you call me Athelind, you know me online. Could be, could be DALNet #afd, could be FurryMUCK, could be any number of mailing lists.

If you call me Athe with a long "A", you know how I pronounce it.

If you call me Ath with a short "A", you're Hooked On Phonics.

If you call me Boojum, you're Strega.

If you call me B.J. Snark, B.J., or Beej, you met me on The Place of Magic BBS in Sandy Eggo.

If you call me Edwin, you probably met me in person after around 1990, you're my mom, or your Champions character was Power Preppie.

If you call me Ed, you probably met me in person before 1985, or you're hinoki

If you call me Dean, you probably knew me in the Coast Guard.

If you call me Lizard, you knew me at Texas A&M, and were probably a member of Cepheid Variable.

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