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I had a monster-slaying dream last night.

Well, this morning, actually -- quelonzia got up to go to work, and I rolled my unemployed ass over and went back to sleep.

I was fighting some kind of supernatural thing in a garage/barn/attic/antique shop kind of setting, and wound up using an antique weathervane as a weapon.

Something about the symbology -- not only being a weathervane, but the traditional rooster atop it, the cardinal directions, the wrought-iron sun covered in cheap gold paint, everything -- made it an Icon of Power. Those folksy design elements were really deliberate inclusions of Magickal Lore, intended to ward off demons and evil spirits as well as lightning, and one who knew that Lore could access them. Those familiar with Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs and the symbology of medieval and Rennaisance painting won't find that as far-fetched as your typical fantasy gamer might.

Of course, on that note, there was a distracting voice-over talking about its game stats.

I wish I could remember what I was fighting, though. It was certainly more entertaining than most of my dreams.

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