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Can I get a reality check here?

I'm filling out a job application for something that looks fairly promising -- except, of course, once again, they want my employment history for the last ten years. Including supervisor names and contact numbers.

Ten years ago. What kind of anal retentive git keeps that kind of information around for that long?

I don't have it. I mean, I know where I worked. Even addresses. But names? Phone numbers? Hellfire and damnation, what makes anyone think that a ten year old phone number will still be any good? That some poor wretch who was my supervisor a decade ago will still be stuck in the same pathetic job?

Really. Seriously. I'm asking you folks out there in LJ land. Do you have this kind of information handy? Do people keep little black books entitled All The Pointy-Haired Bosses I Ever Had?

And if you're supposed to do this...

Why didn't anyone ever tell me this sort of thing beforehand?

Oh -- and any suggestions about what I should do? Just leave it blank, and look like an idiot?

Hellfire, in some cases, I've checked, and the information is simply no longer available. The offices are closed, my records are gone, all that.

I'm going to go ride my bicycle.

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