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Happy Coyote Day!

Coyote Loves Me, and today was his day.

I got my very first traffic ticket ever today. A guy in front of me wouldn't accelerate to highway speeds getting off the onramp; another guy to the right of me trying to occupy the space my car's in; a Big Ass Truck over there -- and, oh, shit, Mister I Can't Find The Skinny Pedal just stepped on his brakes again! Startled by someone performing exactly the opposite of of a safe, intelligent maneuver, I do something at least as brilliand, and abruptly jerk into the next lane to the left. Anything to get out from behind this fool!

Oh, look, there's a black hood in my rear view. I cut that kinda close.
And... he's got a lightbar on his roof.
And he just... turned... it... on.

The ticket reads "unsafe lane change". Hoooo yeah, no argument from me there.

I knew my Spider Sense about police presence wasn't always going to maintain its remarkable record.

This occurred, incidentally, as I was returning from hand-delivering a job application. My talons are crossed on this one; my skills and experience seem ideally suited for the requirments, it pays decently, and it involves both indoor and outdoor work.

If I don't at least get an interview, I am Officially Unemployable. All those years and all that tuition will have accomplished nothing. Anyone else want to join me in a Class Action Suit against student loan companies? I'm gonna want my money back.

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