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Notes from a Tattered Journal

I found an old journal-notebook of mine today, while leafing through boxen. This was a collection of random thoughts I jotted down over the year that I spent in Texas with Quelonzia. On the bus ride out, I was reading James Blaylock's Land of Dreams while travelling through the surreal landscapes and not-quite-real-looking towns of the American Southwest.

13 Feb 96
Poles and trestles looking like Chinese ideograms, etched in space instead of on paper by some Oriental Master who had transcended our dimensions...

The lines & cables & roads crossing the lands are LEY LINES. The exotic, runic look of some poles sustain and channel the powers running through them.

Transformer stations are minor Nodes.

No, not Ley lines, but something more subtle. They are the threads that hold the Technomantic Paradigm together across the vast wilderlands and folklands of the deserts & the plains.

How can I describe the inky, twisting, writhing forms of fire-blackened desert plants without making them sound warped and obscene? They aren't like that at all, but, rather, defiant -- Life in the wake of Destruction.

Tolleson, AZ -- surreal. The buildings don't seem complete, somehow -- the old ones are ramshackle and the new ones seem incomplete, half-formed, lacking important features such as windows. If I saw a building with no doors, I'd only be half-surprised. Even the traffic signals seem amateurish.

It's one thing to see that in a small down, but Tolleson seems to be a suburb of Phoenix, a major urbclave.
--make that an extremely FUTURISTIC urbclave.

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